Meet Funfu

Every journey begins with a single developer.

David Nanch
Software Engineer


Our team believes that every person capable of unlocking incredible potential within themselves. We want every person to find true meaning in their life and help them to achieve it. Reaching your full potential is a different journey for each person and that diversity should be celebrated.


Make the best tools to help people:
  1. find out what makes them happy
  2. achieve their 10X goals
  3. lower the resistance to taking action by delivering a system that gives people control over their own plans so that they feel confident in the decisions they're making
Genres for Funfu Tools:
  • Planners - To help users figure out what they should be doing with the day
  • Schedulers - To help users figure out when they should be doing things throughout the day
  • Reminders - To help users stay focused and remember important things


  • Day Plan - The list of tasks that you're planning for the day
  • Task List - A list of tasks ordered by urgency, reoccurance, and tags
  • Auto-schedule - An automatically generated Day Schedule
  • Expenses - Add new bills and see your monthly and yearly expenses so that you don't have to worry about them all the time
  • Funfu Android App - Stay focused with a vibrate every 5 minutes to remind you to stay on task
  • Achievements - See how many things you complete each day and how much time you tracked each day
  • Win Graph - See how many things you complete each day
  • Analytics - See what you're estimating for tasks and how long it actually takes (you might be surprised!)